10 Signs That You Need To Drink More Water Immediately

Water is what the body is mostly composed of. In order to survive, we need to consume water. The muscles and kidneys only are made of 73% of water, the blood is composed of 83%, lungs of 90%, while the brain is made of 76% water. 3 liters or 12 cups is the recommended amount of water for men while for women 2.2 liters or 9 cups.

Those who don’t drink enough water can experience these symptoms:

Your Urine is Dark, Yellow and Smelly

This is a clear indicator and the first sign that you’re not drinking enough. Urine should normally be a light yellow-amber colour. If you don’t drink enough water, the kidneys excrete a “higher concentration of waste products in the urine, including dead blood cells, toxins, proteins and other products that need to be removed from the body”, resulting in darker urine.

Your urine can be dark after consuming certain medications, B-Vitamins, beets, blackberries, asparagus or food colorings. If there is a temporary change in your urine colour, first consider if you’ve injected something that would alter the colour of your urine. Next, increase your water intake and observe if your urine colour becomes lighter. If your urine stays dark for an extended period of time, it may be a sign of more serious underlying health concerns such as hepatitis or gallstones.

Your Urine Output is Reduced

Commonly, people urinate between 6-7 times every day. But if you don’t drink enough water, there will be less fluid available to replace the fluids that are excreted from the body, so the kidneys will keep as much fluid as possible in order to prevent dehydration. If you urinate less than 6 times per day, you must increase the water intake immediately.


In case you don’t drink enough water then your body will absorb water from wherever it can, including the colon, and the insufficient amount of water in the large intestine can lead to harder stools. If you want to prevent or treat constipation you should consume a lot of water. Hypothyroidism, intestinal inflammation, inactivity, food sensitiveness, tress, and dysbiosis can also cause constipation.

Your skin is dry and wrinkles are more defined

According to Dr. Diana Howard, dehydration can lead to an irritated, inflamed, itching and sensitive skin. In severe cases, the skin can even become red with cracks and bleeds. The lack of water also causes the appearance of wrinkles. So, you should drink more water to revitalize your skin.

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