Vaseline and Lemon Mask Will Make Your Face be Like That of a Porcelain Doll in Just Three Days

Modern times are increasingly putting pressure on the female population to maintain the skin on the face young and fresh. We all know that we can not stop the time, but we can alleviate and delay its effects on the appearance of the skin.

In addition to the numerous creams and masks offered on the market, we offer you a natural and effective mask with Botox acting on your skin.

Vaseline is well known agency by its anti-aging properties. It nourishes and rejuvenates the skin cells, making its appearance younger and in combination with lemon juice, makes powerful skin booster.

Vaseline-based rejuvenating mask

This homemade facial treatment will rejuvenate the skin of your face, recover the freshness and elasticity of your skin by applying this mask for 7 nights.

-1 Tablespoon of Vaseline

-1 Tablespoon lemon juice

Preparation and application:

Mix the vaseline with the lemon juice and form a homogeneous paste. Then apply it on your face and let it act all night to absorb the nutrients of this mask. Repeat this procedure for 7 nights in a row to get better results.

Useful purposes of Vaseline

– Rough skin softener

Apply a layer of Vaseline on hands, elbows or feet, after using pumice stone or special sandpaper. Let it act during the night and soon you will have as a result a delicious skin.

– Soft lips

Vaseline is perfect for moisturizing the lips. Use it after an exfoliation. You can also melt a bit of Vaseline with a piece of chocolate: At the time of solidification you will get your own lip gloss.

– Radiant eyelashes

If you want to look longer lashes and abundant, Vaseline will be your best choice. Apply a layer on them every night before going to sleep and soon you will have the results you expect so much.

– Eyebrows in place

When your eyebrows are rebellious, only apply a small amount of Vaseline and this will keep them in place.

– Remove the cuticles

Apply some Vaseline on your fingers, this will soften your cuticles and allow you to remove excess skin around your nails in an easier and painless way.

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