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10 Best Detox Water Recipes that can help you Lose Weight

Do you want to slim down, cleanse your system and improve your health?

In order to maintain good health, you should eat clean, exercise regularly and drink enough liquids. Health experts recommend drinking 2.5-3.5 liters of water per day.

Is it too much?

It can be really hard to drink three liters of water, as plain water is boring and not tasty. How can you force yourself to drink enough water? The best option for you is to drink detox water!

There are a variety of recipes of detox water and all of them can improve your health, speed up metabolism, boost the immune system and promote weight loss.

Are you happy now?

We would like to show you ten detox water recipes that taste amazing. You should try some of them!

1.Grapefruit Water:

Are you vitamin C deficient? You should prepare the detox drink made of sliced grapefruit, rosemary and organic honey in order to cleanse your body and supply it with vitamin C.

2.Green Apple Water:

Do you want to accelerate fat burning? Add one spoon of apple cider vinegar, sliced green apples, cinnamon and honey to water and put it in the freezer overnight.

3.Cucumber lemon Water:

Combine slices of cucumber, lemon and mint leaves to create a wonderful taste, which boosts your immune system and improves digestion.

4.Chia Water:

Chia seeds are rich source of fiber so it is the best way to prevent overeating. Mix chia seeds, lime juice and water to prepare an amazing drink you will enjoy.

5.Berry Water:

Are you short of time? It is time to get berries out of the freezer and prepare a wonderful berry water. How do you make it? Add frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries and lemon to pure water.

6.Pineapple Water:

Pineapple is a rich source of antioxidants, so drinking this mixture can be really good for your health. Add sliced pineapple, lime and basil to clean water and drink it.

7.Ginger Water:

Honey and ginger are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Add a spoon of honey, lemon juice and sliced ginger root to a glass of warm water and the mixture is ready.

8.Strawberry Water:

Mix fresh strawberries, sliced cucumbers, basil and clean water to get a refreshing and energizing drink, which will remind you of warm summer days

9.Dandelion Water:

This recipe was created by famous fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels, in order to cleanse your body and lose fat. If you want to prepare it, you should mix cranberry juice, lemon juice, cold dandelion tea and water.

10.Kiwi Water:

This detox water is sweet and delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, you should drink it. Mix sliced kiwi, strawberries and one tsp. of honey with water.

Always Keep These Handy

Detox water recipes aren’t any good to you if you don’t make them. Instead of waiting till you are thirsty you should prepare one of these recipes and let them sit in the fridge for a bit so that the water soaks up all of the nutrients of the added ingredients.
Plus, if you are having trouble drinking enough water throughout the day it can be motivating knowing that you have something delicious waiting for you.

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