8 Incredible Health Benefits Of “Golden Milk” (And How To Make It!)

I know what you’re thinking…what the heck is “golden milk”? Well, golden milk is an ancient tea-like drink that incorporates the main ingredient, turmeric, and has been used for centuries to heal a multitude of ailments.

Turmeric’s health benefits are so amazing that there are currently 6,235 peer-reviewed studies published on this magical herb to date. The one component of turmeric that no other herb possesses is called curcumin, and this is what gives turmeric its incredible healing ability.

Because of how amazing the curcumin component is, turmeric is one of the most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs in all of science. It’s even been shown to have benefits equal to, or even better than, conventional pharmaceutical medications. That in itself should be reason enough to pay closer attention to this often looked over spice.

Health Benefits Of Turmeric & Curcumin

Helps Fight & Prevent Cancer

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of most every cancer to date, so reducing inflammation would be the first step in cancer prevention. Studies have found that turmeric’s active component curcumin can stop the development of cancer. This enzyme is responsible for causing negative inflammation, which can ultimately lead to cancer.

In 2011 a study was conducted by researchers who found that curcumin can effectively differentiate between cancer cells and normal cells, thus destroying cancer cells while keeping normal cells untouched.

Curcumin has also been found to inhibit and protect against the growth of colon, cervical, breast, lung, prostate, stomach, and liver cancers.

Arthritis Relief

Curcumin, the active component in turmeric, is known for its incredibly powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reducing abilities, a main reason why it’s been studied for so long. One study split 45 rheumatoid arthritis patients into three groups to compare the healing abilities of curcumin to more popular arthritis drugs.

One group was on a 500mg curcumin treatment alone, the second group on 50mg diclofenac sodium (most common arthritis drug), and the third group with a combination of the two. The results were astonishing:

The curcumin group showed the highest percentage of improvement in overall Disease Activity Score and American College of Rheumatology scores (ACR 20, 50 and 70) and these scores were significantly better than the patients in the diclofenac sodium group. More importantly, curcumin treatment was found to be safe and did not relate with any adverse events.

Curcumin is the safest, and comparably the most effective treatment for arthritis and other inflammatory ailments with practically no adverse side effects. Another way that nature somehow knows best.

Control Blood Sugar & Manage Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is a worldwide epidemic, and it’s grown into a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry with diabetic drugs being the most prescribed medication of any other drug. It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative, natural diabetes treatments to help manage their blood sugar levels and stay healthy.

Turmeric has the innate ability to help lower blood sugar, detoxify the liver, and reverse insulin resistance, all major components in controlling diabetes.

Along with helping to reverse the causes of diabetes, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties have also been shown to delay and reverse some of the complications of hyperglycemia like diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy (the main cause of blindness).

Reduce Cholesterol Levels

Heart disease is another huge epidemic, especially in the U.S., with an alarming number of sufferers also having pre-diabetes. Whether you’re diabetic or not, your heart can suffer from a common complication known as oxidative stress, which damages the inside of healthy blood vessels. Cholesterol begins to then “build up” around the damaged patches in your arteries, thus causing high levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol).

Fortunately, more and more medical doctors are becoming increasingly aware of the dangerous side effects of cholesterol drugs and prescribing natural alternatives like omega-3 fish oil and curcumin!

A study performed by Drugs in R & D discovered that curcumin was equal to or more effective than common diabetes medications at reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in treating high cholesterol levels. Because of this, pharmaceutical companies are attempting to create a synthetic version of curcumin, but it hasn’t come close to the real thing.

Helps With Depression

The journal Phytotherapy Research published the results of an amazingly innovative study that took 60 volunteers diagnosed with major depressive disorder and split the group to determine how they responded to curcumin treatment versus fluoxetine (Prozac), or a combination of the two.

Most over-the-counter pills like aspirin and ibuprofen carry significant dangers to your organs and health, which is why more and more people are turning to curcumin for treatment.

Improves Digestion

Again, inflammation is the leading cause of gastrointestinal issues like IBS, Crohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis and most people with these ailments are prescribed corticosteroids which can destroy healthy gut flora and make the situation worse.

Luckily, studies have shown that patients who supplemented with turmeric on a daily basis were actually able to discontinue their usage of prescription corticosteriods as their condition improved dramatically with the intake of turmeric.

Weight Management

Another reason to include turmeric in your daily diet is its ability to assist with healthy weight management. Curcumin helps increase the production of bile in our liver which is key for properly breaking down fat and aiding in weight loss.

Curcumin also works as a liver detox to help rid the body of toxin buildup and improve blood circulation, all factors that help your body maintain a healthy weight.

Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies are constantly being done on Alzheimer’s disease and how to prevent its occurrence, and curcumin happens to be among the potential treatment options. Because it’s thought that AD is caused by inflammation in the brain, curcumin is the perfect anti-inflammatory treatment for AD prevention.

A study published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy reported that turmeric may actually regenerate neural stem cells not only to protect against the onslaught of Alzheimer’s disease, but also reverse damage done by those diseases.

How To Make A Turmeric Concentrate

With just a few simple ingredients, you can easily make a rich, aromatic drink that helps promote healing and combats inflammation.


  • 2 cups Purified Water (boiling)
  • ½ cup Organic Turmeric
  • ½ cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp Ginger (fresh is best)
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • ½ tsp Cardamom or Cloves
  • ½ tsp Black Pepper (this is a must for proper absorption of the turmeric)
  • ¼ tsp Himalayan Salt
  • Glass Jar
  • Mixing Bowl

Note: You must use black pepper in this recipe as it allows the body to easily absorb the turmeric for immediate use. Omitting the black pepper would render the turmeric useless.


  • In a small bowl, mix together turmeric and spices.
  • Slowly pour in the boiling water and stir for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add coconut oil and stir for another 2-3 minutes until well mixed.
  • Pour mixture into a glass jar and let cool before sealing with a lid.
  • Store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

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