All about Hemp Oil and Its Uses

Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds by cold-pressing technique. However, hemp oil contains some traces of THC, the psychoactive, and it comes from the cannabis plant.

Are hemp and marijuana the same?

Hemp and marijuana both occur from the Cannabis sativa species, but the only difference is the amount of THC present in the plant. If it contains little amount (less than 0.3% THC) its considered hemp. And if it has more THC, it’s considered marijuana. It means that you can eat hemp seeds without worrying about being “high” afterward.

What Makes Hemp Oil Beneficial?

Hemp oil does not contain THC or CBD, and instead, it contains essential fatty acids and other beneficial nutrients, which is the primary feature of this oil.

It delivers as a natural source of essential nutrients like polyunsaturated fatty acids (including omega-3s and omega-6s), proteins and terpenes.

However, there’s still confusion about the elements in hemp oil for a useful purpose. Some products marked as “hemp oil” do actually contain cannabinoids like CBD.

So, if you are focused more on healthy fats and more, then you’re likely searching for oils that come from hemp seeds which are marked as hemp seed oil.

Some of Its Incredible Uses

It Is Beneficial For Your Skin

Hemp seed oil works great for your skin as it nourishes the skin being a natural moisturizer without making skin oily.

It is used in many cosmetic products, soaps, and lotions. It has vital antioxidants that may benefit the skin when applied topically and internally.

Hemp oil has also been proven to show positive results from a generous supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids and improves skin dryness.

It is also helpful in treating skin issues like rashes, acne, and eczema. Further, it does not clog your pores and doesn’t give you breakouts.

It Promotes Healthy Hair

It also works great on your hair if they are dry and brittle. You can use a tiny amount of hemp oil while showering or conditioning your hair— or even it can be used as a deep conditioner before shampooing.

The fatty acids in hemp seed actually help to moisturize your hair and scalp, without taking your own natural oils. That is why fatty acids are often included in hair shampoos, serums, and conditioners. The fatty acids in hemp oil also help to add shine, make it strong, and tame unruly hair.

It Relieves You from Inflammation

Cannabinoids in hemp oil can help to cool down the effects of temporary inflammation, mainly in joints providing some relief.

You will see hemp oil as an ingredient present in balms that can be applied topically for quick relief.

Stress Buster

Who doesn’t want some relief after such a hectic schedule? Perhaps, everyone!

Fortunately, the number of cannabinoids can help to reduce anxiety and stress, giving you the most relaxing feel. Also, cannabidiol (CBD) was found to help decrease cortisol production in the body, therefore helping relieve the effects of pressure and stress.

Encourages Healthy Heart

While cannabidiol (CBD) focuses on its capability to relieve discomfort and stress, hemp oil also encourages a healthy heart.

Several kinds of research recommended that cannabinoids may help blood vessels to calm down and widen, which clearly indicates it may promote healthy blood pressure.

Hemp seed oil is also a natural source of heart-friendly essential fatty acids [omega-3 (alpha-linoleic acid), omega-6 (linoleic acid), and omega-9 (oleic acid)] provided excellent omega ratios.

Save You from Free Radicals

With the stress-filled lifestyle, we contribute to a hazardous level of stress. It is terrible for our body since free radicals can damage cells and your DNA with time. The good news is that hemp oil has powerful antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and fights free radicals.


With vast-ranging health benefits from relaxing joint discomfort, to reduce everyday stress, encouraging better sleep and more hemp oil is value taking a look at for your overall health and welfare.

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