Doctors Do Not Explain; It Warms Cinnamon With Honey In This Way And Treats Eyesight, Arthritis, Gall bladder, Cholesterol And Helps To Lose Weight

This combination has excellent benefits in the human body

Sometimes what we use in the kitchen as common ingredients for meals and desserts, give us more than rich flavors. Some are even not as good for our body as we think. However, you should know that by mixing cinnamon and honey you can get an excellent home remedy that will help you to improve your health effectively.

These natural products have been studied by Chinese medicine, anthroposophical (alternative medicine, focused on emotions and moods) and ayurveda where they conclude that together they help produce heat, which treats complementary pathologies and some chronic diseases.

These ingredients are in everyday use so it is likely that we will have a little at home. Likewise, finding them in the market or in a store close to home will not be a problem, as they are common and cheap. Cinnamon is one of the best known spices since centuries ago and honey is very popular for its delicious taste and natural properties.

Forms of preparation

It has different ways of preparing them, depending on the use or treatment that we want to use. Here’s how to make the potions:

  • Weight loss:boiled in a glass of water honey and cinnamon powder; is taken half an hour before breakfast. This helps to activate the metabolism and fight the anxiety to ingest sugar, cinnamon regulates the levels of glucose in the blood and is effective to eliminate the excess of liquids and fats in the organism.
  • Fight Acne:cinnamon powder is mixed with honey, creating a kind of mask that is applied to the acne breakouts just before going to sleep and in the morning when rinsing the face results are already seen.
  • To relieve sore throats: We willmix in warm water a spoonful of honey and cinnamon to gargle; will act as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory to treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis and related diseases.
  • Up the defenses:this mixture serves as a natural antibiotic, and if we consume these products daily, we will see how our immune system is strengthened by avoiding diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • Heart diseases:You should make a paste of honey and cinnamon to eat with bread at breakfast, thus reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevent heart attacks and other heart conditions.
  • Avoid hair fall:mixing a tablespoon of olive oil with a honey and a small cinnamon powder will get a cream that is applied on the scalp. Let it stand for 15 minutes, repeat the procedure at least twice a week.
  • Bladder infection:Two teaspoons of cinnamon powder mixed with a honey in a glass of warm water, taken regularly destroys the germs located in the bladder.
  • To rejuvenate the body:if you mix four tablespoons of honey, one of cinnamon powder and three cups of boiled water or some tea, damage to tissues and organs. You should drink a quarter cup, three or four times a day.
  • Against Stomach Cancer:Studies show that eating a tablespoon of honey with one of cinnamon powder for three months may be effective in treating this disease.
  • Improve the breath:you can create a mouthwash by adding a tablespoon of cinnamon and a honey with hot water. It is very useful for people suffering from halitosis, which will allow them to be safer and more reliable.
  • For minor hearing loss:Take a daily supply of honey with cinnamon evenly to help repair damaged tissue in the hates.
  • Arthritis:In a glass of warm water add a tablespoon of small cinnamon and two large of honey to consume it in the morning and at night, and thus progressively reduce chronic arthritis.
  • To reduce cholesterol:we will mix two tablespoons of honey and three small tablespoons of cinnamon as an infusion helps reduce cholesterol by 10% in two hours.
  • Digestion:Mixing two tablespoons of honey with a little cinnamon powder, before eating, helps to decrease the acidity after the meal.
  • Avoid colds and help fight the flu:Since honey contains an ingredient that kills the flu virus, you can take a spoonful of honey along with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon for three days.
  • In gallbladder infections:Mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water to remove microbes in the gallbladder. Perform this procedure every day.
  • As a relief for stomach pains:you should combine either tea spoons or water tablespoons of the two ingredients to relieve pain and if you suffer from ulcers, you should take it regularly to reduce the effects of the disease.
  • As energizing: if we take a spoonful of this mixture will help us to feel more energetic and avoid the exhaustion as it possesses calorific and invigorating properties.
  • Insomnia:A spoonful of honey with cinnamon in a glass of boiled water just before going to bed will help you sleep more pleasantly.
  • Improves quality of life:an infusion of cinnamon honey, taken regularly, decreases the damage caused by age in the tissue. Preparation is very simple, mix three or four tablespoons of honey with one of cinnamon powder in three cups of boiling water then ingest one quarter cup four times a day and you will notice the results

Honey and cinnamon are not a divine creation

It should be noted that although these extracts from nature are very effective, they do not work miracles, therefore, these treatments must be provided along with a healthy lifestyle that will allow us to have more longevity and happiness.

It is also advisable to consult with your doctor before any treatment because natural treatments may also have contraindications if you combine them with some drug in the pharmaceutical industry and excessive consumption of them causes unwanted side effects.

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