Doctors shocked when cannabis oil cures woman of terminal cancer

There is no shortage of patients who cure cancer alone, with little help from medicinal plants called cannabis. A 52-year-old woman from the United Kingdom recently discovered that cannabis oil saved her life. After diagnosing terminal cancer and failing chemotherapy, Joy Smith said she was ready to try anything – including cannabis.

Despite her original skepticism, Smith took a cannabis oil. Two years after the start of treatment with cannabis, her stomach cancer is in complete remission and the last parts of cancer have almost disappeared.
Smith, who originates from Coventry, says that doctors had predicted that she had only six weeks of life when she first diagnosed gastric and stomach cancer. Many tumors were considered inoperative, and experts made her try chemotherapy to prolong her life. But, as often happens, chemotherapy only worsened the condition: sepsis developed and her line had to be taken out.

Then she learned that some of her friends sought alternative treatments for her – including cannabis.
Smith told the Telegraph Center: “When they tell you that you have six weeks to live, you will try anything, believe me.”

“At first, I was a bit skeptical about oil, because I never took drugs or anything like that – but I know that today I would not be here without it. I want to tell everyone, “she continued.

“Cannabis oil needs to be legalized for medical purposes – people dies and chemotherapy does not cure them,” she claims.

Although Joy was initially concerned about cannabis oil, finding out about other people who had success in treating cancer had inspired her to be safer. Soon she saw her own results – which ultimately convinced her of the potential of this plant against one of the world’s leading killer diseases.

“I took it and it and off. I used had it three to five times a week. After that scanning was getting better, and when I stopped taking it I did not show any changes, “she explained.

Why do governments continue to forbid this safe, affordable and highly effective anti-cancer solution?

“Widespread awareness and legalization of cannabis as a cancer medicine would ruin a profitable cancer industry that depends on the endless supply of cancer patients for their profits and government funding,” explained Mike Adams, a publisher of and other medical news. “

For millions of people around the world, the answer to cancer is cannabis, it grow for free, but tyrannical governments around the world are committed to the financial interests of the corrupt cancer industry, and apply a ban on natural medicine, denying the world’s population the basic human right: access to natural medicine,” added is Adams.
Joy was described as a “miracle of walking” after doctors in Spain confirmed that cannabis can treat her cancer.

The medical community avoids her treatment

But, it is not surprising that other members of the main medical community avoided its treatment protocol. Julie Frater, of Cancer Research UK, reportedly commented: “We do not recommend patients to use cannabis or any alternative treatment for cancer treatment. Standard medical treatments for cancer are all evidence-based, so they are tested to see how safe they are and efficient. “

Of course, recent research has shown that chemotherapy is nothing but safe; it can actually spread cancer and become more virulent than before. As Joi Smith has shown, chemotherapy is not a good that the medical community claims to be.

Many people turn to natural remedies

The truth can be suppressed by medicine, but many people turn to cannabis oils and other natural remedies in an effort to fight cancer – and there is no shortage of success. In September 2017, another brave woman found that cannabis oil cured her “incurable” brain cancer. As usual, when modern “medicine” fails, the plants rule.

Another cancer survivor appeared earlier this year to tell the world that herbal medicine cured breast cancer in just five months.

Despite the clear scope of people who successfully cure cancer with cannabis, the main medical facility refuses even to consider the possibility of herbal medicine. Who really is anti-science here?

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