Drinking Wine Helps You Reach Over 90 Years Of Age?!

Living forever? Sounds too good to be true. But living longer sounds possible. It would be nice if we can live long enough to see our grandkids grow or even our great grandkids.

Not many people are lucky enough for that to happen, but recently, we see people count their birthday cake candles longer every year. What is the secret to living longer than those generations before us? The answer is painted in red and white.

Medicine has advanced a great deal in the past decades and has been helping us stay healthy and live longer, but what can we do for ourselves to live longer? What’s the secret in aging well and living a long life?

A study called 90+ that has been going since 2003 has been researching the oldest-old which are the fastest growing age group in the world. The initial participants of the study also joined a different study called The Leisure World Cohort Study (LWCS) which began in 1981.

As the largest retirement community in Orange County, California, 14,000 participants that joined had to each fill out a survey. Collecting each of the information the surveys held, from those 14,000 participants of the LWCS, researchers had finally gotten some answers and could understand the goals of their study better.

Their goal was simple. They needed to determine the factors associated with longevity, to examine the epidemiology of dementia in the oldest-old and the rates of cognitive and functional decline as also the clinical pathological correlations in the oldest-old.

It was of key importance to determine the modifiable risk factors for mortality and dementia Participants had to visit the clinic twice a year and also take neurological and neurophysiological tests.

In Laguna Woods, California, researchers succeeded in gathering information about diet, activities that the participants did on a day-to-day basis, their medical history, medications and other lifestyle factors. The researchers found out that those who drank a moderate amount of alcohol lived longer than those who had decided not to consume it.

So what is moderate, glass or bottle?

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