Place A Cut Lemon Beside Your Bed For These Awesome Benefits

Lemon is by far one of the most widely recognized fruits and scents in the world, known for its pleasant aroma and amazing health benefits. Lemons rich in vitamin C and other natural plant compounds are naturally good for the body, balancing the alkalinity of the blood and proactively managing several systems that contribute to good overall health.

Lemons are considered as an all-inclusive healing fruit, due to their multiple proven health benefits like – healthy heart, positive impact on weight loss and weight management, and potential to heal gastrointestinal distress and digestive issues.

We have good news for those of you who are not so crazy about ingesting lemon as a way to improve health; did you know that simply placing them on your bedside table at night has a positive impact on you and your health? Read on to discover what happens to your body after just one night of putting lemons in your bedroom:

Lemons will keep away pesky nighttime insects.

Lemons contain a natural volatile oil called citronella, which is a naturally effective bug repellant. Placing a few cut lemon wedges on your bedside table will be enough to keep annoying flies and mosquitoes at bay, giving you the peaceful night’s sleep that you long for.

Lemons improve respiratory health.

Lemons are chock full of healthy antioxidants, and exposure to these antioxidants will improve your respiratory health. Breathing in aromatic lemon while sleeping will clear stuffy nasal passages, allowing you to breathe easier and sleep better. You’ll wake up rested and refreshed, with sinuses and nasal passages cooperating as a result of nighttime exposure to this pleasing scent.

Lemons will improve air quality.

You might keep a clean house, but nothing says clean to the nose and your other senses like the fresh scent of lemon. The scent of lemon naturally overpowers and absorbs more offensive odours like onions and even paint! As a result of improved air quality, you’ll sleep better and wake up to a fresh, clean scent wafting throughout your home.

Lemon provides stress relief.

Lemons provide “aromatherapy”. Something about this scent triggers feelings of nostalgia and a desire for cleanliness in all areas of life. Use the fresh scent of lemon to provide stress relief in that it allows you to release patterns, thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you, allowing you to experience some much-needed stress relief and a bit of a reset.

Lemon is a natural energy booster.

Getting up early is a challenge for almost everyone. If you want to wake up raring to go, consider placing some sunny slices by your bedside. The aroma of lemon triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, a feel-good chemical that allows you to meet your day head-on.

Lemon is good for the heart.

Lemons have powerful antidepressant properties; they are useful in creating a positive mood and balancing the emotions. The active mind/body connection that ties into the heart allows lemon to work to lower blood pressure, the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Lemon increases concentration.

While some may not think that concentration is key to a good night’s sleep, according to National Insitute on ageing, clear and relaxed heads at night promote restful sleep. Breathing in the aroma of lemon allows you to clear away the day’s events, allowing you to focus on the great night of sleep that lies ahead. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be better able to concentrate on the day ahead with its flurry of activity.

Such a simple answer for so many of our physical, mental and emotional needs….what are you waiting for? Make a trip to the grocery store for lemon’s healing essence today, and look forward to reaping all of the benefits to come!

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