Reduce Blood Fat: A Potion That Kills Triglycerides

Alternative medicine offers a completely natural remedy
Reduction and removal of fats from the blood is often a painstaking process. Drugs for regulating triglycerides generally require long-term use, which causes many people to lose their patience.
On the off chance that you are restless, elective pharmaceutical offers a totally regular cure. It brings down fat and all the while cleans the body from poisons. You can expect change for two months, and after that you have to complete a research facility blood test for checking.

To set up the solution, wash and cut into thin pieces of kilogram of lemon, place them in a pot, and put two liters of water. Make 400 grams of celery and blend with the lemon. Place it on a stove, and when it boils, let it cook for a strong fire for another 20 minutes. Then let it cool for six hours.

Drain the liquid with a strainer, place it in a bottle and store it in a cool place.

Drink 100 milliliters three times a day before meals. If this drink is very strong, you can thin it with mineral water of the same size (100 milliliters of potion and 100 milliliters of water).

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