This Fruit is Magic: It heals the Prostate, Stops Constipation and Keeps the Stomach, Colon and Intestine healthy.

The gooseberry, also known as “uvilla“, “tomatillo” or “wild tomato” is a fruit native to South America, particularly in the countries of Colombia and Peru. Since ancient times, this powerful fruit has been named as “the fruit of love”. In this article we tell you why gooseberry is the fruit of love.

With a somewhat acidic taste, an external appearance similar to that of a potato and an internal appearance similar to that of the tomato, the gooseberry is used for the elaboration of diverse alimentary products, as they are for example jams, wines, sweets, desserts, etc.

But besides serving for the elaboration of delicious dishes, the gooseberry is also recognized for its usefulness in love. Look then why gooseberry is the fruit of love.

It is a fruit with high contents in proteins, phosphorus and vitamins, reason why also it is very recognized by its use for the elaboration of natural remedies. But … why many say the gooseberry is the fruit of love?

This fruit contains high aphrodisiac properties, which help stimulate our sexual system very strongly. Besides being excellent for treating vision problems, infections and stomach problems, Cape gooseberry is the fruit of love due to its powerful aphrodisiac properties.

The powerful benefits of the gooseberry

  • Powerful natural aphrodisiac
  • Purifies the blood
  • Helps prevent and combat all types of visual conditions
  • Helps prevent and combat conditions in the mouth and throat
  • Eliminates albumin in the kidneys
  • Treats digestive problems and infections
  • Powerful natural diuretic
  • Powerful natural relaxing
  • Effective when fighting diabetes
  • Without any doubt, we talk about gifted natural properties of wonderful food for our health care in general and even better if we add the aphrodisiac effect!

The gooseberry is the fruit of love and since this data has been released, they’re already several lovers who choose to consume this delicious natural snack on their honeymoons!

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