This Recipe Restores 80% Of Vision The Next Day

Today you will know one of the best natural recipes to improve vision, if you are going blind and have to use glasses to see well, stay to know how to develop this remedy and improve your vision today with this magnificent home treatment.

What I like most about the preparation of this treatment is that in addition to helping us recover one of the most important senses of our body, each of the ingredients that we will need to make it are simple and we can get it in our favorite supermarket. Not to mention that they have a low cost making it affordable for all people.

If your vision is blurred, you have trouble reading, you tear your eyes or you have sensitivity to a simple light like the screen of a phone, look for pencil and paper to take notes because this remedy is for you.

Home remedy to improve the vision


  • Ten spoonfuls of organic honey
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • Four lemons
  • Two hundred grams of flaxseed oil


First, we will take the garlic cloves and peel them, once peeled, we crush them well either in the blender or in a mortar.

Next, peel the lemons and cut them into pieces and place them in a glass jar next to the honey and the crushed garlic.

To finish, stir well and store the substance obtained in the refrigerator.

Consume three tablespoons of this remedy daily before main meals.

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