The navel is a hollowed or raised area of the abdomen in all mammals which isn’t considered very important. We usually ignore its hygiene and never think much of it, but the navel can actually reveal a lot about our health. The navel sits at the attachment site of the umbilical cord – once the cord is detached, the scar stays in the abdominal area and forms the navel.

In order to avoid unwanted infections and bigger health problems, it’s necessary to care about the navel hygiene. There are several types of navels, and each of them can indicate what diseases you are more prone to. Here are the main navel types:

Protruding navel

A protruding belly button means that you’re at an increased risk of hernia, so experts suggest avoiding lifting heavy things.

Small navel

People with small belly buttons should consume more vitamin C as they’re more prone to the flu and bacterial infections.

Almond-shaped navel

This type of navel indicates higher risk of headaches and migraines, as well as brittle bones and weak muscles.

Circular navel

This type of navel may indicate digestive problems such as constipation. It is most common among overweight and obese people.

U-shaped navel

People with a U-shaped navel are more prone to kidney and skin diseases. Children born with this type of navel may suffer from some genetic problems.

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