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Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Stomach Bacteria

Stomach bacteria is a frequent health condition many people have. Treating bacteria can be a long and exhausting process, and doctors will usually prescribe you strong antibiotics. Today we present you a remedy claimed to be helpful in different forums.

Figs in combination with olive oil are a powerful ally in the fight against stomach bacteria.
The preparation of this homemade remedy is simple. Put 40 dried figs in a glass bottle or a bigger jar and cover the figs with 1l cold-pressed olive oil.

For a better result, you can cut figs in quarters. Close the jar or the bottle and let it rest for 40 days.

After that period of time, take one fig (eat a whole fig or a few quarters if you decide to cut figs in smaller pieces) and a teaspoon of olive oil every morning before you eat anything.
Figs will not be that powerful on their own, meaning you should also carefully choose the food you eat. Try to eat steam-cooked meals without adding any spices, sour or oily food and dried meat products.

Prepare your meals using natural and cold-pressed olive oil. Eat fruit and vegetables as much as you can. Olive oil in combinations with figs can help in treating not only stomach bacteria, but also hemorroides, intestinal diseases, constipation, bronchitis, asthma, infertility.

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